Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser said in the industry: "rattan volatile liquid", "fireless aromatherapy". It is a very popular indoor fragrance products in many countries in recent years. Its principle is to use plants or objects with better adsorption properties as mediators (such as diffuser sticks, sola flower, etc.), and the mediator will use relatively volatile essential oils or the fragrance liquid is absorbed into the sticks or flower head, and then evaporates into the air, which then emits the fragrance of the essential oil. At present, it has become the first choice of many countries in purifying air, improving environmental sanitation, protecting olfactory function, etc., and is becoming popular all over the world. NINGBO JINGYAN TRADING COMPANY provided such related products: Reed Diffuser (reed diffuser bottle, perfume diffuser stick, diffuser cap, diffuser flower etc); Scent Candle (Glass Candle jar, Candle Cover etc); Personal Perfume (Perfume Bottle, Spray, Cover etc) Meet the one-stop accessories procurement needs, save transportation and time costs, and win more and broader markets.
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